Marco Piol

“I was born in Trento on 06/16/1974 and I graduated as an electronics expert. My first job was at Radio 105 with Marco Galli and Marco Mazzoli. After this first professional experience, I was lucky enough to work for 3 years in New York by radio and Fox News.

Back in Milan and enriched by my experience abroad I worked with Endemol, Magnolia, television productions and Rolex, taking care of both the image and the videos of their events. Later I worked for Sky for 8 years and worked for 5 years with Mediaset”.

Massimiliano Andolina
Video-Editing Director

“Born in Milan on 10/16/1976, since 2001 freelance editor, I collaborated with some of the most important Italian production companies and participated in the creation of different TV programs such as Le Iene, L’Isola Dei Famosi, Italia’s Next Top Model, Fuego. From 2007 to 2009 I became responsible for an Editors Task Force coordinating the editing and post-production of a Web-TV managed by Endemol.

During these years I made some video clips and I was Director for some medical conferences.

I believe that the care for details, Color Correction and Photography are fundamental aspects of my work.

Since 2011 I am a Tutor in the promotion sector of Canale5. I currently supervise the quality of the promo in all their phases of realization.”

Michela Berganti
Creative Graphic Designer

“Born in Pavia on 01/28/1993 I graduated in Artistic Design for Business, at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. I obtained a master’s degree in Graphic Design from the European Institute of Design.

My first work experience was at Sky (Sky Tg24) and the Mediaset Group.”

Elio Calabrese
Official Photographer

“A perfect Milanese, born 1986.

Always passionate about photography, I love observing the world through my goal. I have gone along with my passion by attending various courses to learn the techniques and the multiple possibilities of artistic and professional growth, including the Mohole school and the Italian Institute of Photography.

I have collaborated and collaborate as freelancers with photographic and graphic studios, advertising agencies and companies.

For me, photography is a passion, study, research, and experimentation.”

Marco Pezzolla
Sales Manager

“Born in Milan, fresh ad genuine like the passion that I have for the creation of events, Gourmet catering and the development of new Businesses.

In my short life path, I have already played roles as a corporate trainer in the world of financial markets and as a Trader.

I have been Sales Manager in different sectors and companies, from publishing to insurance and real estate.

I love details and perfection both at an organizational and practical level, which led me to have a strong push to start creating events and not just with new Production Management technologies.”

Marco Marcello Bina

“I was born in Pavia on 2/22/1983. After a classical training and a diploma in piano at the Conservatory “Guido Cantelli” of Novara, I was lucky enough to find employment in various editorial offices of the medical-pharmaceutical sector, gaining experiences that made me understand how important precise but at the same time understandable information is. Over the years I have managed to combine work with my great passion for engines, collaborating as a tester and sent to some of the most authoritative Italian motorcycle magazines, such as “Motociclismo” and “Riders Magazine”. For three years, I was a press officer for prestigious World Superbike Teams. I am a strong supporter of teamwork; I think is the only way to get important results.”

Sonia Vallero
Creative Graphic Designer

“I was born in Borgosesia on 09/21/1995 I graduated in Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts of Novara.

I believe that the transmission of a message through an image is the most effective method to achieve the maximum communicative effect. Often an image “speaks” more than a thousand words. I have worked in these years as a Graphic Designer at the Mediaset Group.”

Terence Calogero
Video & Grafic Engineer

“Born on 01/21/1984 in Milan. I graduated in modern literature at the State University of Milan in 2013.

I am a Digital Graphic Designer who works for Publishing, the Web, private Public Events in live and post-production of static and dynamic video content.

Italian/French bilingual expert technical sub-codes.

Broadcasting software expert, Adobe Creative Suite and 3D graphics programs, Video Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro), Motion Graphics/offline VFX (After Effects), Live Visual/online VFX (Resolume Arena).

I consider myself a multi-faceted, capable and effective pawn within a workflow”.

Thomas Dalberto
Creative CAD Designer

“Loyal to wood since childhood, I started studying in a professional institute of interior furnishings and supplies: this more practical phase gave me the know-how of industrial production, willing to know the environment that surrounds me, I received my bachelor’s degree in construction engineering. In doing so, I managed to create a rich body of theoretical scientific knowledge, while maintaining a high level of pragmatism. In this way, I have learned to plan constantly considering the feasibility of the project. To activate me concerning the impact on the environment, and also to obtain a greater transversal of knowledge, I now start a path for a master’s degree in energy engineering”.

Giovanni De Laurentis
Augmented Reality Director

“I am Professor 3D Artist for augmented reality stage “Maua” Turin (augmented urban art museum) at BEPART Milan, Italy.

I am a 3D Artist and Graphic Designer.

Always passionate about graphics and technology, I started years ago dealing with architectural renderings, going from the care of the packaging of courtesy products to hotels, to the collaboration of the docu-film: “Fukushima a nuclear story”. Over time I have always tried to evolve and improve my skills.

In recent years I have been working on new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, thanks also to collaborations with start-ups and with companies in the “mobile” world. The goal is never to stop!”

Additional professionals’ figures present in the Team:


Production Management:

Production Director, Stage Manager, Show Director



Show Director, Show Caller, Video Camera Director, Copywriter, Technician, Video Crew, Media Player Operator. Video Editor, Graphic Editor 2D-3D, Official Photographer



Sound engineer, P.I., Sound Technician



Light Designer, Light Operator, Light Technician, Electrician, Dimmer Technician

Donato Summa
Light Designer & Light Cream Chief
Massimiliamo Rotti
Sound Engineer


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